Have Fresh Fertile eggs from full sized and Bantam chickens. These chickens are cage free , mostly heritage breeds living together in harmony. Americana eggs in green, olive, and blue are full blooded. Please email for details. $5 per dozen
I have about 20 chickens for sale and about 10 roosters different sizesNot sure the kind of either just found them in my neighborhood roaming around. Text only ask for JoseSi habla EspanolLocated Roswell and will deliver if needed
This custom built chicken coop was built by my husband and our woodworking neighbor back in Kansas. It stands on 4x4 posts, with 2 nesting boxes, roosting bars, ventilation, and a slanted roof for proper watershed. The backside has a large hinged door and the floor slides in and out for easy cleaning. The nesting box lid lifts up for easy egg retrieval, and both the nesting box lid and front do...
Taquizas La Vaquerita Las CrucesPackage for 100 peopleplates $550Mexican style tacos for all occasionsIncludes Four tacos per plate Asada, Pastor, Chicken Fajita Alambre Baked Potatoes ButterRice Chile de Arbol Raspberry Bell Pepper Jalapeo TomatilloPico de galloLime Avocado Pineapple -HabaneroChiles toreados Grilled onionsCilantro Limes5 Gallon Lemonade or Horchata No cups Plates, spoons and n...
Fresh eggs from many kinds of chickens. A variety of natural colors. Chickens are fed fresh produce, while roaming freely. Eggs are collected daily. $4 perdozen or, 3 dozen for $10. Please email for delivery locations and schedule. Thanks
Have barn yard mix fertile eggs Bantam and Full sized chicken eggs $5 per dozen. Polish eggs $10 per dozen. Cochin Frizzle mix $10 per dozen. Can deliver to Roswell Friday , March 29th. Pictures are of parents. Please email for details.